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We help thousands of lenders to reach millions of customers


our mission

Helping everyone get the loans they need to create a better life

At Lendsqr, we’re on a mission to simplify the lending process with an easy, but sophisticated technology that can guarantee an awesome loan experience for both the lender and the borrower.

We strongly believe that our technology will solve the credit gap in developing countries and improve the lives of millions.


Our people make the impact

We continue to grow Lendsqr with amazing people who are committed to helping every African and the world at large get the loans they need to create a better life.

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our values

Our values power the will to do what we do

Our values guide our internal conduct as well as our relationship with our customers, partners, and shareholders.

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Operating at a level far above excellence

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Solving problems that stymie others

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Never giving up

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Responsible. The buck stops here.

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Operating at a higher level of excellence than the best

Trusted by 3500+ companies

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