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We Understand Growth

No nation can develop without its citizens having access to credit to build their dreams. From the young mom funding school fees for their child education, to the business man getting a loan to get inventory for their shops. Everyone needs a helping hand

At Lendsqr, we’re on a mission to simplify the lending process with an easy, but sophisticated technology that can guarantee an awesome loan experience for both the lender and the borrower.

We strongly believe that our technology will solve the credit gap in developing countries and improve the lives of millions.

We are on a mission

Helping everyone get the loans they need to create a better life

What we believe

Our values powers the audacity to do what we do.

Our values guide our internal conduct as well as our relationship with our customers, partners, and shareholders. These philosophies form the foundation of our Lendsqr culture and story.

Our customers interest is our most valued priority. We are keen and committed to ensuring that we meet their respective needs.

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What we want from our people

Our people make the impact

We continue to grow Lendsqr with amazing people who are committed to helping every African get the loans they need to create a better life.

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