We’ve cracked the lending code

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Quick Integration. Set up your lending business with time-saving integration.

Automated Processing. Real-time automation to optimize your business.

Fully Customizable. Choose from powerful features that work for your business.

Take full control of your lending business

Lendsqr automates all the processes that are present in the manual lending process. Easily configure, manage and optimize your processes using our real-time solutions and technologies that will have a profound impact on your lending business.

Credit Scoring. Go beyond the surface to check the worthiness of your borrowers.

Credit Scoring. We go beyond the surface to check the worthiness of your borrowers. Our bespoke credit scoring model rates your borrowers and eases your decision process. It’s also entirely customizable to your specific requirements.

Origination. We’ve digitized the entire loan origination process.

Origination. We’ve digitized the entire loan origination process. From paper-free loan application channels, to algorithm-driven scoring and automatic loan disbursements and recovery. With us, manage every aspect of your lending business with a hassle-free system that ensures you’re always covered.

Collections. Provide your borrowers with various means to pay

Collections. Our automated loan recovery engine picks up your money for you on the due dates from your borrowers' account. Collections are card-driven and completely secure.

Disbursements. Control how your loans are disbursed.

Disbursements. Control how loans are disbursed - accept or decline loans manually and automatically. Loans are automatically disbursed to customers wallets or Bank accounts directly.

Red-gating & Green-gating. Bolster security and prequalify users for special perks.

Red-gating & Green-gating. Bolster security by blocking bad actors and individuals who do not meet your preliminary checks. Also, you can prequalify and whitelist users for special perks and eligibility for your loans. All these can be configured to your preference.



Our privately-sourced blacklist engine that is readily available to parties within the Nigerian financial ecosystem, designed to collect, track and share credit profile data to collaborators under it.

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Collect to analyse.

Karma gives you access to quality information that enables your users to make better loan decisions.

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Track to protect.

Keep track of the profiles of bad actors in order to protect your loans, payments and customers from cyber threats.

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Share to protect others.

Submissions to Karma are being shared with businesses, lenders and fintechs, like yours, within the network.

Channels to keep you ahead of the curve

Reach millions of customers at scale across various channels in the most inclusive, cost-effective and sustainable manner. Multiple channels at your fingertips to make your lending platform even more effective.

We provide a white-label front-end mobile platform for your borrowers, that is fully customizable as well. Give your borrowers a fully automated end-to-end digital experience.

Use our admin web app to manage your products, clients, transactions, and data in one dashboard. Role based views and permissions for administrators, loan authorizers and your support teams.

Your customers can now easily apply for a loan via USSD. Thereby further reducing the time for the loan application process. The process is simple, swift and effective.

Our robust system is built to support external connection with other systems using standard REST API protocol. You can simply plugin to our back end office or, become a collaborator on Karma and much more.

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We’re powering the smartest lenders

We provide our lenders from various industries with a cloud lending platform to make the activities of your LaaS business run more smoothly by implementing novel solutions and superior domain expertise. We’re passionate about making lenders succeed.

Industries we serve

Lendsqr offers banks the ability to enhance their lending processes. Our solutions transform the traditional lending system into a seamless digitized process with the use of various integrations and channels. Reach a wider customer base and closeout lending processes in minutes rather than weeks. This bridges the gap between you and the customers you serve.

Our solutions provide microfinance institutions with a technnology-driven approach to reconciling their lending processes. Create and provide your customers with digital loan products which have Straight Through Processing (STP) capability. Get real-time data to help with the choices you make.

Individuals and state-licensed lenders can become part of the digital lending ecosystem with ease. We have engineered solutions and systems to ensure that you and your interests are protected. Our services are designed to make this process easier for you. See all the details that matter in one click. You don’t need a big diary book or Excel sheet certification to run your lending business.

Lendsqr can provide other fintech companies with the ability to diversify their portfolio. We already have the LaaS blueprint and can make the integration of this system simpler. We provide multifaceted solutions that cater to every aspect of digital lending. Be part of the Lending Marketplace with our provisions of various LaaS APIs.

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Ready to scale your lending business today?

With powerful, automated features on Lendsqr, you can easily provide streamlined loan experiences for your borrowers; and access to bank data to enable your lenders to make informed loan decisions.