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Lend to millions at scale. Effortlessly!

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Do you want to expand your loan business and reach customers anywhere without the challenges that have held others back? Building a web app that scales is difficult. Launching a mobile app into the different stores is time-consuming, even for the biggest lenders and simply impossible for the growing ones.

But with Lendsqr, you can go from a few customers to millions of customers, scaling elastically without any challenges. Effortlessly and cost-effectively. We help you reach your customers across all channels without you breaking a sweat.

Launch your mobile loan app in a few weeks image

Launch your mobile loan app in a few weeks

The smartphone remains a platform of choice to engage with customers, which is why loan apps from Lendsqr are optimized for Android and iOS platforms.

You could launch with our Pecunia Mobile App framework quickly within a day. Or opt for the more advanced whitelabel app delivered to the stores in just a few weeks.

You could also engage with us for a custom and distinct mobile experience for your customers and borrowers.

Our app ensures smart decision-making by gathering data from customers' phones without compromising their privacy.

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Sign up to Lendsqr and get a web app in 5 minutes image

Sign up to Lendsqr and get a web app in 5 minutes

The web is for everyone which means once you sign up to Lendsqr to be a lender, your web app, which your customers will use to reach you and request loans, is ready instantly.

Not only that, the loan web app you get from Lendsqr is extremely advanced and has tons of customizations that help you stand apart and unique in a sea of digital lenders.

Best of all, our web app is free to use. And then you can go ahead to customize your domain name, images, colors, and functionalities!

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Reach a million more customers directly image

Reach a million more customers directly

Not every customer is internet savvy but with our USSD channel, a lender can reach over 100 million Nigerians on the popular USSD channel.

While the USSD may be very limited in terms of what it can do, yet Lendsqr still helps our lenders to make smart decisions about the loans they want to give out.

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Offer more than just loans with our Buy-Now-Pay-Later channel image

Offer more than just loans with our Buy-Now-Pay-Later channel

There is no better way to give out loans than to reach customers just when they need the money. The Lendsqr platform supports lenders and e-commerce platforms that want to offer smart payment options with credit.

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Start lending in minutes on the web image

Start lending in minutes on the web

Our web SDK allows you to seamlessly integrate loan applications into your website using a simple JavaScript SDK.

With our web SDK, you can effortlessly add loan functionality to any website, allowing your borrowers to conveniently request loans at just any website.

As a smart lender, you could partner with as many websites as possible and embed your loans.

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A car needs fuel. A lender needs data. Get access to accurate data. image

A car needs fuel. A lender needs data. Get access to accurate data.

Data, which is every smart lender’s currency, comes to you easily when you integrate with our APIs which are available via our integration channel – adjutor.io. Adjutor offers abundant and accurate data for credit decisions and validations.

With key offerings like Karma and Ecosystem (Decisioning APIs), Adjutor assures the Lendsqr lender of a vast supply of data well within customers' rights to aid their decision. Adjutor also offers BVN validation and image match validation APIs. Rest assured, bad actors will meet a worthy opponent in you, and you get to lend securely, as they know not to mess with you

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Want to see first-hand how Lendqsr can push the boundaries of your lending business? Sign up now for free and check it out, we’ll be with you every step of the way!

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