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Make smarter lending decisions with Lendsqr

Our decision models, powered by third-party integrations, help you prequalify users and assess their repayment capacity. This ensures smart lending and your business growth.


Trusted by 3500+ companies

How do we help you make smarter decisions?

Our decision models are a combination of rules that implement the Risk Acceptance Criteria (RAC) for lenders, making quaifying borrowers a breeze.

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Tap into one of the largest private blacklist database of bad actors and chronic defaulters in Nigeria. Avoid the most chronic defaulters before hand and reduce risk.

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Prequalify customers for your loans such that they can skip all the other checks, where required. Provide loans for customers who are pre-vetted and guaranteed to be good for the money.

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Credit Bureau

Get real time data online for anyone from any of Nigeria’s credit bureaus. You can configure one or multiple credit bureaus to be queried at the same time.

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Tap into the massive ecosystem data of borrowers within Lendsqr to make a decision. This is similar to credit bureau data but on steroids.

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With the Loci model, you can write smart rules against high-speed velocity data of customers like checking instantly the number of times a borrower has made certain changes to their information.

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Apply numeric weights and scores against data from customers, for example, setting higher scores for certain types of job employment.

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With our integration with MyBankStatement, Mono and Fenestra, lenders can make smart loan decisions using data obtained by consent via open APIs. We transform the raw information into transactional data from which loan insights can be garnered.

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SMS Data

This module is specific to Android devices. When its SDK is installed on an app, Lendsqr is able to read customers’ SMS messages and transform the raw SMS into transactional data to make smart loan decisions for you.

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For newbies who want to manage their personal lending better


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For growing businesses who want to leverage lending


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For established businesses who want to add lending to their stack


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For large organizations who need advanced lending infrastructure


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