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Lending is profitable but also difficult. But with Lendsqr, you can launch and scale your loan business easily and profitably. Start lending using Lendsqr!


The smartest lenders choose Lendsqr. Build, launch and scale your lending business across multiple channels in a faster time to market at a fraction of the cost of independent building efforts.

Start for free. No matter the size of your lending business, you can start lending with digital tools. It takes only 5 minutes from sign-up to getting your first loan. All for free.

Integrate into everything needed. Get connected to the best payments, data and service providers. Plug into our ecosystem and collaboratively block bad borrowers.

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Lend with ease

Automate your entire credit lifecycle with Lendsqr’s comprehensive end-to-end digital lending stack. Manage and optimize your lending process using our extensively configurable loan decisioning workflow and easily adapt your offerings for your best customers.

Decision Model. Go beyond the surface to check the worthiness of your borrowers.

Origination. We’ve digitized the entire loan origination process.

Collections. Provide your borrowers with various means to pay.

Disbursements. Control how your loans are disbursed.

Configurable loan forms. Collect different type of data to help you make smart decisions

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Check for bad actors within our growing ecosystem, verify your borrowers, and their bank accounts, and lots more with our APIs.

Karma Blacklist Verification

Discover and block bad actors using data from Karma, one of Nigeria's largest blacklists. Karma was developed by Lendsqr help protect lenders.Use common data points, such as emails, phone, BVN, and even images to discover potential borrowers or customers who have been previously flagged for fraud and other unethical behaviours.

Know Your Customers

Use our Lendsqr ecosystem data to get deeper insights into your prospective borrower with more data points than any other comparable system in Nigeria. And probably Africa. While others may tell you if your customers are owing money, we can tell you how quickly they pay or if they are part of a ring of bad actors.

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Channels to keep you ahead of the curve

Reach millions of customers at scale across various channels in the most inclusive, cost-effective and sustainable manner. Multiple channels at your fingertips to make your lending platform even more effective.


We’re powering
the smartest lenders

We’re trusted by over 3,000 lenders who run their loan businesses on Lendsqr. We provide them with the technology and data to make smart decisions. We ensure they get paid as of when due. Our blacklist keeps the bad borrowers away. Our apps ensure they reach customers at scale across mobile, web, and even on other's website. You can't go wrong lending with Lendsqr!

Industries we serve

Scale your digital lending proposition safely. Connect with and convert the unbanked.Deliver a unique lending experience to the market in record time and grow your share of the addressable consumer credit market

Let’s help you scale your lending business

With powerful, automated features on Lendsqr, you can easily provide streamlined loan experiences for your borrowers; and access to bank data to enable your lenders to make informed loan decisions.



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